Sorry all, no photos today. I wanted to talk some more about living in the country and services in the area. As some of you know, I keep a lovables section. It includes a section on great service providers, things I love often wind up there, and more.

Today, I am stuck in the house cuz snow in the third week of March is scary. I am gonna have to make me some Phil the groundhog stew and a hat out of his fur. Only kidding. Though I won’t say the idea is not appealing sitting here towards the end of march staring at the left overs of a snow storm that blew through the area last night while I slept.

I am so glad, that I had a fresh delivery of heating oil a few days back when I look out my window at all that vile white stuff on the ground yet again. I have the best oil company. The guy who delivers lives right up the road. He provides fabulous and regular service. I actually met him for the first time just the other day. He has been following my Felon Goats. He thinks they look innocent. What he doesn’t realize is that is their naughty goat super power. The more innocent they look the more you know they are plotting against me and their fence, in order to get out and run the neighborhood on another crime spree. I was surprised he followed the goats. But evidently he finds them very funny. You know you have a good one providing you service when they like your goats. I have to say I have found that time and again. We get fabulous product, at a reasonable rate, and a nice guy to deliver it as regularly as necessary all courtesy of Northboro Oil Co.,INC.

I highly recommend them. Fair prices, local, good product, good service, most importantly nice people. Felon Goat followers is also a plus.


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