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This is a fabulous old piece, our antique picture tray.

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This is a fabulous old piece, our antique picture tray. It appears to be done in some sort of metalics…. I really don’t know much about it. Just that it looks incredibly old. I can not say with certainty that it is even antique though I would be shocked if it isn’t. It is done in a rather old style and is another basement find.

My house is roughly 100 years old. Over the years it has had many occupants who have passed through. No one seems to stay here for too long. It is just a very nice place to spend a few years till you can settle somewhere else. I have been perhaps the longest or one of the longest occupants. 10 years. Though I have lived here for few of those years, only 3. Most of the time I have owned this house I have lived abroad in Europe. When I bought it, I discovered that over the last century people have used the basement as a dumping ground. People have left all kinds of old things there. Many of the people have been dead for years due to old age. Some things are very interesting and with a little help like with this old picture can become a useful addition to any home. And so, I have put some lovely handles on the old frame and it is nowa tray. I could have gone further and done some rehab on the wood frame which no doubt can’t be in perfect condition after all this time. But I opted not to in favor of cherishing the beauty of age.

This is a great decorative piece and a conversation starter. Just keep in mind it is quite old and it may be best for light use only.


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