Wildflower Farm house peeking out.

Wildflower Farm house peeking out.

So, we are having some trouble out here today. I am in tears. I have been now all day. I hired landscapers back in December. They were supposed to help me get things set up. This is now year 2 of landscaper drama. I don’t know what to do…. I can’t seem to get any help. I had someone I was working with but they rarely showed up and the work that needed doing just was not getting done. So I finally fired them. Now, I have no one… And I desperately need help.

Cafe Primrose and Wildflower Farm, have been fabulous for this community. You can look at all the causes we donate to in the area. Such as raising money so that children from low income families can take high quality music lessons. We support the MSPCA, donate to our local Boys And Girls Club and more.

I can’t run this place adequately without gardens. It just doesn’t work. People come here to enjoy our gardens and farm and if I can’t get things set up in the spring, then that means that I can’t do more every year to make the local community better. And making things better is part of what I really want to do out here.

It seems landscapers may all be lacking a heart. I am not looking for any sort of pricing help because I am a good person. I am happy to pay industry standard. All I am looking for a heart on is some kind landscaper who will just fit me into their fairly immediate schedule. This is a big job… And I am not the only one upset by this situation. The Felons would also be really happy for some landscaping….

I don’t know who else to call and given this is year 2 of landscaper shennanigans I am just at the end of my ability to stop crying…..

Sorry for such a disheartening post, but this situation is causing me to lose faith in humanity.

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